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Week of July 22, 2012

British Columbia Business Opportunities

Environmental Services,   Issued For: Sunshine Coast Regional District 12 187 (South Pender Harbour Water Treatment Plant)   Link:    

Environmental Services,   Issued For: Environmental Assessment Office 4929 (General Environmental Assessment Services & Advice - 4929)  Link:    


Canada Wide Business Opportunities

Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Systems: Dredging Of Lagoon Cells Alberta Public Sector Environmental Services Closing: 02/08/2012

RFAP - Environmental Consultant Services Water Sediment Sampling - SOA, 5 Wing Goose Bay, NL Defence Construction Canada / Construction de Environmental Services Closing: 28/08/2012

International Business Opportunities

GRANT 43316-012 LAO: Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project - PMIS Consultants Water and Other Municipal Infrastructure and Services Firm Project Management and Implementation Support Deadline for EOI 02-Aug-2012 Link

GRANT 43316-012 LAO: Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project - Procurement Advisor Water and Other Municipal Infrastructure and Services Individual Procurement Advisor Deadline for EOI 02-Aug-2012 Link


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