BCHazmat Management Ltd

Environmental Consultants & Services, Hazardous Materials Handling & Storage, Safety Consultants & Training.

Our mission is to assist clients achieve regulatory compliance and obtain long term commercial success by implementing safe, cost effective Hazardous Materials policies and practices that honor high ethical standards, and to exceed our clients' expectations for discrete, effective and professional service

In today's world of fast food and instant everything, "pride" and "craftsmanship" are the foundation on which our business operates. Continually striving to take care of our customers is always our goal.
Consulting is just one of the many services we can provide. BCHAZMAT Management Ltd., offers such services as: On-site inspections, Transport Canada and WHMIS required training classes, Hazard classification of products, Review and preparation of MSDS, Hazardous material packing, TC / IATA / ICAO & IMO consultation, Storage compliance

BCHAZMAT Management Ltd. is located just a phone call away. When you need help with shipping problems, just give us a call or send a fax / e-mail and one of our knowledgeable and competent experts will be there to help solve your problem and get your shipment moving again.
We are physically located near the Victoria Intl. Airport in Sidney, BC.

Our policy is strict adherence to the regulations governing the shipping and handling of hazardous materials. Over the years we have established a reputation for honesty, integrity and expertise. Our customers have come to depend upon our ability to guide them through the complexities of various national and international regulations, as well as various carrier policies. When companies prefer "peace of mind" over "a few dollars in cost", we are the company of choice. When companies prefer professional expertise, we are the company of choice. When companies want their material to move rather than sit, we are the company of choice.

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