Gandalf Consulting Ltd

GANDALF is in the business of environmental consulting and is committed to developing cost-effective and timely solutions to environmental issues.

Gandalf has professional staff registered to practice in British Colombia (P.Geos) and Washington State (Certified Geologist/Hydrogeologist). 

In addition Gandalf has an Approved Professional (CSAP Society) on staff who can arrange for recommendations for regulatory instruments (Certificate of Compliance, Determinations, etc.).  Regulatory instruments are often required to allow for release of municipal permits and/or for financing purposes.

Gandalf clientele includes forestry, wood treating and manufacturing facilities and real estate developers. Gandalf's areas of expertise include Contaminated Sites Services, Environmental Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance, GVRD Waste Discharge Permits and Regulatory Negotiations

Clients of Gandalf will find committed staff that is willing to work closely with their clients to meet the objectives and time lines as dictated by their business objectives. Gandalf clients are long term and repeat clients which reflect our commitment to establishing productive and intuitive working relationships.

Companies seeking environmental consulting with these objectives in mind should contact Mr. Bob Symington President and Principal.