InterLink Business Management Inc

InterLink Business Management is a private Canadian consulting firm with head office in Vancouver. The firm has been operating on the national and international markets since 1995, and has successfully completed several projects in different sectors.

The company is a multilingual organisation. Its business knowledge and experience cover a large variety of different industries, i.e. environmental and hazardous waste management; site remediation; high-tech manufacturing, hazardous and oily waste destruction; air pollution control; oil pollution equipment; waste water treatment; and medical waste.


InterLink Business Management and their principals believe that economics is more than a set of rules or models to be mechanically applied. It is rather a wide-ranging way of thinking; a process for better understanding a vast number of situations which can encompass all sectors of economic and social life for development.

We believe that our company has developed integrated and systematic methods, approaches, with emphasis to increase global marketplace and define new target market by envision negotiating across different cultures to reach an agreement.


ILBM work closely with different businesses and provide a broad range of expertise to meet the growing demands of the international marketplace

* Multinational and national private businesses
* Medium and small-sized companies in different sectors
* Local and international financial institution
* Federal and provincial governments

1. Business Development and Marketing

* Link international opportunities with domestic capabilities
* Market research, competition analysis, and demand studies
* Development of International business
* Link between technology developers and end-users
* Identify new target market

2. Management Consulting

* Preparation of Business plan
* Implementation of management and productivity systems
* Organisation planning and corporate development
* Turnkey projects management
* International business development strategy plans

3. Corporate Finance

* Financial proposals to government or private placement
* Preparation of corporate financial aspects
* Project control, forecasting, and risk management
* Studies of financial markets and mechanisms