Ivey International Inc.

Ivey International Inc. in an international Award Winning Remediation Technology Company with active projects world-wide. We specialize in the development and application of Innovative soil and groundwater remediation technology for treating; Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Solvents and Heavy Metals.

Among our more notable Remediation Technologies are the Ivey-solĀ® Surfactant Technology 'Products & Processes' which can rapidly clean-up in-situ and ex-situ contaminated soils and groundwater, and vapors, in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. We also have the new innovative ATOMASOLĀ® Technology for treating Heavy Metal contamination in soils.

Ivey International Inc. has been honored with several National and International Awards in 2006 - 2007. These include:

2006 GLOBE Award - Technology Innovation & Application (March 31, 2006);
2006 North American Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award (February 7, 2007); and
2005 Environmental Business Journal Remediation Technology Merit Award (February 28, 2007)

Ivey International Inc. has overcome the challenges to rapid and cost effective site remediation by not only stepping out of the box, we redesigned it. With the dedicated support and innovative minds of our employees, research partners, and clients we are meeting our Corporate Mission to be recognized as; 'Today's Environmental Solutions For A Better Tomorrow'

Through innovation, we believe 1 + 1 = 3, it's that simple!

Our commitment is to offer the best service through development and application of innovative environmental technology that will allow you to meet and or exceed your site remediation requirements. We stand out from many other environmental service companies through our practical research and implementation. Simply put, we offer innovative solutions in ways other companies do not. We understand the complex processes involved in areas such as:

In-situ contaminant recovery from Groundwater using our SER Technology to improve contaminant mass recovery by >400%;
Ex-situ and In-situ Bioremediation using our SEB Technology reducing costs and duration by >40-60%;
In-situ and Ex-situ Chemical Oxidation using our SEO Technology to improve the effectiveness of chemical oxidation; and
Technology to improve oil recovery form oil sands, oil shale, and oil production fields.

We are also working on many innovative products and processes which are not detailed on our web site. So for more information contact our office, or visit us at www.iveyinternational.com.