Maxxam Analytics

Founded over 40 years ago, Maxxam is the market leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries. Maxxam's 2,000 dedicated employees proudly lead the industry in depth of technical and scientific expertise and serve customers through the only national network of laboratories. In processing over 2.2 million samples and generating in excess of 38 million results annually, Maxxam skillfully combines efficiency and customer service with rigorous science and uncompromising quality management. Maxxam is committed to success with responsibility - to its stakeholders, to its communities, and to the environment.

Clients concerned with potential soil, water and air contaminants call on us for scientific support and reliable analytical solutions. With labs and depots in every region of Canada, Maxxam is the market leader in environmental analytical services. Our data helps clients comply with environmental regulations and standards that protect the health and safety of people and the environment.