McCue Engineering Contractors

Corporate Profile

McCue Engineering Contractors is a British Columbia corporation headquartered in Vancouver. McCue has provided engineering and specialized contracting services to engineering consulting companies, other contractors, mining, oil & gas, and industrial sector clients in Canada and the US since its inception in 2000.  McCue offers a strong team with relevant training and direct experience in water treatment and contaminated land remediation.  

Water treatment is conducted mainly in the industrial sector (i.e. wastewater) and for the remediation of contaminated groundwater.  Contaminated land remediation involves the treatment of contaminated soil, soil vapour and groundwater in situ (i.e. in place) or the recovery of contaminated soil vapour and groundwater (and free product) for treatment ex situ. (i.e. on the surface) on site.  Managing contaminated land in this manner is considered sustainable remediation as traditional remediation involves removing bulk contamination (soil, soil vapour and groundwater together) and hauling it to a permitted disposal facility at substantial additional cost to the both the land owner and the environment.

McCue designs and constructs integrated treatment systems to meet a broad range of flow rate and environmental requirements. Commonly treated contaminants include: suspended solids, metals (total and dissolved), dissolved solids, oil and greases, free phase and dissolved hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and low/high pH.

McCue supplies and services a variety of equipment including but not limited to: pumps, blowers, compressors, oil/water separators, air strippers, chemical injection and mixing equipment, membrane technologies, clarifiers, sand filters, multi media filters, activated carbon filters, bag and cartridge filters, ion exchange, filter presses, centrifuges, thermal catalytic oxidizers, aeration equipment, sparging equipment, and engineered controls. McCue also has expertise in the design and construction of engineered ponds for the treatment of contaminated and sediment or metals laden water.

Our Health & Safety Program exceeds the provincial and territorial safe work regulations and we have a perfect safety record.

Mission Statement

McCue Engineering Contractors bridges the gap between engineering design and construction know-how in the field of soil and water treatment technologies.  As more emphasis is being placed on environmental issues by the media, industry and all levels of government, the environmental industry continues to grow rapidly and encounter new challenges.  As a result, both new technology and new applications for existing technology are in demand.  McCue approaches water treatment and contaminated site projects from the twin perspectives of delivering a quality solution to our clients and expanding the industry's capability to respond with better project designs and equipment.  Success in this expanding field demands the collaborative effort of engineers, contractors and manufacturers.  McCue Environmental Contracting Inc. strives to continue to be a leader in this effort.