Richway Environmental Technologies Ltd

Richway specializes in design, manufacturing, construction, and operation of large scale waste management products and systems. Based in Vancouver, Canada, our company offers an integrated approach to any type of solid waste processing initiative, including waste-to-energy project planning, design, installation, operation, and financing.

Established in 1995, Richway has successfully undertaken waste management projects in North America, and Asia. Our continuing growth is attributed to the high quality of our products and services along with the rising global demand for large-scale environmental management facilities.

A leading British Columbia exporter, Richway has successfully penetrated the Asian marketplace with systems specifically suited to local environmental needs. We are a recognized leader in the region with practical and cost effective waste-to-energy systems.

Richway maintains close and long-standing relationships with the Canadian government, the environmental industry, and a variety of funding agencies. These industry-wide relationships and our participation in environmental cooperation delegations to China assist Richway in supporting Chinese clients seeking investment and funding within Canada.

With offices in both Canada and China, and over 150 employees worldwide, Richway has the ability to engineer environmental management solutions at both the local and international level.

At Richway, we value continuous technology development, product innovation, and quality customer service.

Starting in 1995 as Richway Environmental Preservation Co. Ltd, a company specializing in waste-to-energy products designing, to date Richway has grown into a group organization, providing engineering consulting services, investment management, plant construction and operation of waste-to-energy projects.

Richway Environmental Technologies Ltd. was established in January 2002, as a spin-off of Richway Environmental Preservation Co. Ltd. Its primary function is to provide complete technical support for Richway's projects. We have an experienced engineering team committed to developing Richway's proprietary waste-to-energy technology, and providing engineering consulting services on waste-to-energy projects.

Richway Investment Management Ltd. was established in 2001 with the primary goal of raising investment capital for environmental projects and providing financial management services to facilitate Richway's projects.

Shenzhen Richway Environmental Development Co. Ltd. (based in Shenzhen, China), was established 2001 as the marketing and consulting arm of Richway Group in China. Its main purpose is to provide consulting and management services to Richway's projects and facilities in China.

Shenzhen Richway Waste-to-Energy Co. Ltd. & Huizhou Richway Waste-to-Energy Co. Ltd. are subsidiaries of Richway Group, operating Richway projects in Shenzhen and Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China.