BCEIA Announces Partnership with Shifting Growth Goal is to increase community access to urban community gardens and greenspace

BCEIA is pleased to announce a partnership with Shifting Growth, a non-profit organization with a mission to transform vacant properties and brownfields into temporary community gardens.

By identifying and jointly pursuing brownfields, underutilized lands and vacant lots within the lower mainland of British Columbia, the goal is to transform these areas into temporary urban community gardens and greenspaces, thereby promoting the potential for brownfield utilization and redevelopment.

 Together, the BCEIA and Shifting Growth hope to:

  • establish unique approaches to safely utilizing urban brownfields.
  • promote the approach of establishing temporary community gardens on urban brownfields and vacant properties.
  • increase the communities understanding of brownfields through education.
  • provide resources for community members to safely undertake community garden activities on brownfields.
  • provide opportunities for BCEIA member companies to assist in the remediation of contaminated sites.
  • initiate branding and marketing for the project, whereby this agreement allows the use of the partnership parties' name and logo to be used in marketing and business material.

Learn more about Shifting Growth and their featured Clark and 12th Temporary Community Garden.